Jakarta: Okky Bakery

As one of the longest serving bakeries in South Jakarta, Okky Bakery is a name that residents in the area should be very familiar with. Having been around for about five decades, I feel foolish for only getting acquainted with it recently – despite being born and bred in the western part of town. First-timers such as myself may find it difficult to locate the shop on Jalan Guntur, but like me, you’ll realise it was a journey worth taking.

Inside the place, my fellow customers were busy snapping up various cakes and snacks. The majority of them were opting for the latter, with its Pastel (thin-crust pie filled with rice vermicelli, vegetables, egg, and meat) being the most popular. To avoid making a mistake, I followed the crowd and bought a number of fried snacks and pastries.
Once I returned to the office, I took a bite out of the Mancis (peanut pie) that I purchased. Unfortunately, its taste couldn’t complement its alluring aroma – the crust was as hard as stone, while the peanut filling was a tad on the bland side.

The disappointment that I felt after tasting the Mancis made me feel a bit wary as I went for the cheese muffin. However, my hesitation became irrelevant once a piece landed on my palate. Pillowy and buttery, I found it difficult to contain my joy as it was so good. And then I moved on to the Risoles (rissole), which I discovered was equally gratifying. Its ragout filling was soft and savoury, while its exterior – although served cold – was surprisingly crispy.
I brought the leftovers home, and when my mum noticed the maroon-coloured box that they were in, she then told me how she’d spend her childhood days near Okky Bakery. She also informed that it was famous for its Roti Bakso (minced meat-filled bread), which I will definitely sample next time around.

Jl. Guntur No. 42,
Setiabudi, South Jakarta
T: 021 831 0770
Open daily from 7am-8pm
Prices start from Rp.9,000/US$0.70 per piece

Monica Livia is the youngest contributing writer in Good Indonesian Food. Born and bred under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, who happens to be a baker, she has been falling in love with food since she was a wee kid.

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