Jakarta: RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk Sederhana H....

Jakarta: RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk Sederhana H. Saman

For some of you not in the know, Nasi Uduk (steamed rice cooked in coconut milk) is actually a Betawi dish; hence why it is easily obtainable in Jakarta. A number of shops that offer this delicacy sit alongside one another in Kebun Kacang, yet the best out of the lot is definitely RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk Sederhana H. Saman.

Founded by namesake H. Saman himself 53 years ago, the day-to-day operation of the joint is currently run by his son H. Nuh. The warung has opened a few branches across the city, yet its flagship shop is found in this very area.

RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk H. Saman RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk H. Saman

I popped by quite early – a few minutes after it opens its doors to the public – and I ended up being the first customer of the day. This led to my food being prepared without any delay. I gave its much-loved Nasi Uduk and Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) a go, along with a couple of pieces of its fried chicken liver and gizzards.

The Nasi Uduk is wrapped in a banana leaf, and three types of dips were provided: the reddish brown peanut sauce is to be paired with the rice, while the denser peanut sauce and the spicy tomato paste are meant for the fried chicken and its other side dishes. The fried chicken was juicy with a hint of sweetness, and I loved it even more once I dipped it in the peanut sauce, which gave off a refreshing mix of salty, sweet and spicy sensations to my palate.

Jl. Kebun Kacang 9, No. 15,
Open daily from 5pm-12am
Rp.40,000/US$3 per person

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