Jakarta: Sate Padang Salero Ajo

As the smoke that emanates from the grill where skewers of Sate Padang (Padang satay) are subjected to burning charcoal slithers its way on to the main road of Jalan Radio Dalam, everybody bar none will be susceptible to its allure. Located not far from 7/11 Radio Dalam, Sate Padang Salero Ajo would be packed with customers as the afternoon makes way for the evening.

4,000 Sticks a Day

Established in 2009, Salero Ajo has won the hearts and tummies of many a culinary enthusiast. Manned by eight employees, this Sate Padang-selling pushcart could sell up to 4,000 skewers of satay and 400 Ketupat (glutinous rice cake) per day. There would be no time for a breather for its staff during crowded days. Open from 5.30pm until midnight, one could guess that its capacity tends to reach its peak during dinner time all the way till it is time to close up shop.

salero ajo
Plenty of Choices

Neatly organised rows of satay skewers are placed on the upper deck of the pushcart – a familiar sight at similar Sate Padang purveyors. However, while others generally offer just the one or two types of satay, Salero Ajo has four: beef, ox tongue, intestines, and base of the tongue. Each has its own distinctive taste.

A plate of Sate Campur (mixed satay) and Ketupat topped with Keripik (crackers) was served as the sky began to darken. Its flavorous aroma immediately stirred my appetite. Although the brownish-coloured satay sauce was not too spicy and not as dense as its equivalents, it was still awe-inspiring to the palate. The beef was tender and savoury, while the intestine satay was a tad on the chewy side.

Obviously a must-try West Sumatran dish for everyone, give Sate Padang Salero Ajo a go and we guarantee that you’ll become a fan afterwards.

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Jl. Yado 3, Jl. Radio Dalam Raya (next to 7/11), Gandaria Utara, South Jakarta
T: 0812 8634 1448
Open daily from 5.30pm-12am
Rp.40,000/US$3 per person


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