Jakarta: Warung Bu Rodah 79

“Hello, Mas, how are you doing?” greets Warung Bu Rodah 79’s Pak Sanuri as I made my entrance into his small warung. As you might have guessed, I’ve become a regular here at this place–I tend to pop by twice a week–ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the eatery a few months ago. It’s safe to say that I’m now well acquainted with the owner and his wife Ibu Rodah, whom Pak Sanuri has named the joint after.

My initial thought after my maiden visit–based on its appearance and location – was that it’s just another middle-of-the-road warung; never have I been so wrong. Found in a corner on Jalan Tebet Raya and far from the madding crowd of Tebet, my all-time favourite dish at this establishment is its signature Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken), which I believe is also the food of choice for its many loyal patrons.

waroeng bu rodah 79 warung bu rodah 79

Succulent and richly seasoned, it is served with garden-fresh daun poh-pohan (pilea melastomoisdes), cabbages, and cucumbers. And there’s its sambal, which is fiery hot and will keep you coming back for more. On another note, I’d also recommend the grilled fish as well.

Pak Sanuri established the shop back in 2001, although he started out by selling satay. “At first, we specialised in satay. Three years in, once the business was stable enough, I decided to introduce a few more items into our menu–including the grilled chicken. It was quite a surprise to me that it turned out to be our best-selling dish ever. Hence I decided to switch our focus and put aside the satay,” he explains.

Jl. Tebet Barat Raya, Keamanan 2, No. 15A,
T: 0851 0154 8914
Open daily from 9am-9pm
Rp.25,000/US$1.90 per person

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