Lombok: Nasi Boak Kopang Ibu Rahmah

Nasi Boak Kopang consists of rice, a bit of fried noodles, long beans, and fried beef, all topped with a dollop of spicy sambal.”

To be given the opportunity to explore the island of Lombok for a few days was a magical experience for me. Beautiful beaches, culturally rich villages and breathtaking mountain sceneries adorn the place, and while I was there, I paid a visit to a lovely village called Sembalun. Located in a valley just over Mount Rinjani, it took around a couple of hours’ drive to from Mataram to get there, and during the journey, I made a pit stop at a small roadside stall in Kopang. It is here where I stumbled upon a delicious local staple known as Nasi Boak Kopang (Kopang mixed rice).

Ibu Rahmah has been running the stall for quite some time now, and I got to converse with her regarding the ins and outs of her business. “I was handed down the recipe toNasi Boak Kopang from my mum, Hj. Nawarah. She started selling it back in the ‘70s. Now, my family members and I run three small outlets across Kopang.” She continues, “Many of the stalls in the neighbourhood are actually selling the Nasi Boak Kopang that comes from our kitchen. However, the newer ones have begun to cook up their own Nasi Boak.” As like any warung in Lombok, you won’t find a signboard that shows its location from afar. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to locate as it’s located right next to an Alfamart on Jalan Bung Karno.

Wrapped in a banana leaf, Nasi Boak Kopang would usually be consumed for breakfast by the locals. It consists of rice, a bit of fried noodles, long bean, and fried beef, all topped with a dollop of spicy sambal. The fried beef is thinly sliced and has a rich and juicy aftertaste that suggests that it was previously drenched in herbs and spices before being thrown into the frying pan. There’s a hint of banana leaf aroma emanating from the rice, which adds to the freshness of the entire dish. Among all, I’d say that the best thing aboutNasi Boak Kopang is its sambal, which looked and tasted different from any other sambalthat I’ve ever sampled in my life. After making short work of my Nasi Boak, my tummy was still crying out for more. So I asked for a couple more of this ambrosial delight to get stuck into for the rest of my ride to Sembalun.

Jl. Bung Karno, Kopang
Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
Open daily from 7am-1pm
Rp.5,000/US$0.40 per pack

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