Makassar: Konro Karebosi

Some of you Jakartans may either have heard of Konro Karebosi or have had a taste of it at one of its branches down in Kelapa Gading. One of the most celebrated restaurants in Makassar, its beef ribs are much loved by the locals. I grabbed the opportunity to enjoy its signature dish from where it all began in Makassar.

Konro Karebosi was initially established in 1968 in the form of a warung at Lapangan Karebosi – a popular food market in the heart of Makassar at the time – and its name was derived from its initial location. As time went by, Konro Karebosi relocated to Jalan Gunung Lompobattang and settled down inside a permanent modern building up to this day.

konro karebosi

The clock struck 6pm when I paid a visit to Konro Karebosi, and the sun started to descend and fade from view. Not exactly the ideal time to have dinner, but it was already packed inside the eatery. The waiting staffs were running left and right taking down orders and delivering food from one table to another, accompanied by the buzzing noise of chatter from the customers as they dined.

With seating a scarcity due to the crowded nature of the joint, I had no choice but to sit at the only vacant table at one corner of the place nearby the kitchen. My order day was obviously its signature Konro Bakar (grilled beef ribs). As with any other grilled dishes, I assumed that it would take time to prepare my meal. However, Konro Karebosi only took about five minutes to cook and serve. It seems that the ribs here are put together until they are half-cooked and ready to be grilled once ordered.

Its Konro Bakar consists of two sizeable beef rib cuts that are splashed with peanut sauce. Seasoned well prior to grilling, the dense and savoury peanut sauce really enhances the overall flavour of the dish. Unfortunately, my delightful meal was plagued by a few parts of the ribs that were too chewy and difficult to cut. Perhaps it just was not my lucky day – or maybe the eatery should put in more effort to maintain the quality of its dishes?

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Jl. Gunung Lompobattang No. 41–42, Makassar
T: 0411 361 2157
Open daily from 1pm-11pm
Rp.70,000/US$5.30 per person

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