Makassar: RM Sidodadi

My recent culinary adventure in Makassar opened my eyes to the diversity of its food-scape. Never have I ever known that I’d find restaurants that specialise in East Javanese cuisine here–including the prominent Nasi Rawon (beef black soup with rice) – here in this city. Founded in the 1970s, RM Sidodadi is one such example.

Found amongst the row of shoplots on Jalan Dr. Ratulangi, its worn-out facade indicates how long it has withstood the test of time. However, despite the building looking like it has seen better days, it does not mean that RM Sidodadi is one that is easily forgettable as the place was packed when I got there.

On the top of its menu is Nasi Campur (mixed rice), which I immediately opted to have – seeing as the dish has become its trademark creation. I approached the counter in an effort to learn how to order it. Unlike in other parts of Indonesia, we don’t get to choose what to have with our rice. Here, we can only order, wait, and hope for the best.

rm sidodadi

The array of side dishes on offer here are quite unique, as besides sautéed long beans, a hard-boiled egg, pickled cucumber and a sprinkle of serundeng (meat floss), the Nasi Campur is also accompanied by cuts of beef in a dark-coloured broth. From the distinctive texture of the beef and its broth, I quickly deduced that it was Rawon. I asked one of the waiting staff to confirm my assumption, and his answer validated my speculation.

My appetite went into overdrive once I sampled its succulent beef. Yet what provided me with a fresh sensation was the unique combination of the broth and the serundeng, which gave my taste buds a delightfully new experience. My maiden encounter with Makassar’s Nasi Campur became even better after I plopped a bit of hot sambal on to my plate of rice.

According to a few natives, RM Sidodadi became a local favourite due to its delicious Nasi Campur. The passing of time and the mushrooming of new eateries have somewhay affected RM Sidodadi’s efforts though. Despite all this, my short visit to this joint proved to me that it has not lost its charm and its place in the hearts of its loyal punters.

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Jl. Dr. Ratulangi No. 153,
T: 0411 850 647
Open daily from 7.30am-10pm
Rp.28,000/US$2.10 per person

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