Master Tasters at The Caffeine Dispensary

Master Tasters at The Caffeine Dispensary

Experiencing a coffee cupping session at the newly opened coffee shop.

Having only opened its doors a few months’ back in September 2015, The Caffeine Dispensary – founded by Edward Sanrio, Ajie Permana, and Andri Saputra – certainly knows its stuff when it comes to coffee.
We were invited to a coffee cupping session held at the joint a little while back. Now, to give you a brief idea on what coffee cupping is all about, it is the process of examining the quality of a cup of coffee that can be done by anybody, but it is most commonly practised by professionals that are known as Master Tasters.
The event kicked off with co-founder Ajie spilling the beans on some basic information about coffee, including its history and how coffee beans are processed. After that came the coffee cupping session. Six different types of coffee were presented for the exercise, with the beans originating from Indonesia, Kenya, and Brazil. Participants were asked to rate the characteristics of each bean, which included aroma, aftertaste, sweetness, acidity, and more.
It was an eye-opener of an affair, as we discovered that there are so many aspects of a cup of coffee that we could actually explore. We managed to grab Ajie for an interview prior to the event, and he mentioned that The Caffeine Dispensary will soon be hosting a coffee cupping session that is open for the general public, which will also be free of charge. Just make sure to give them a call beforehand to check on their schedule.

Jl. Kelapa Kopyor, Blok O-1, No. 16,
RT 017/02, Kelapa Gading Permai,
North Jakarta
T: 021 452 0109

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