Medan: BPK Daud Sitepu

Treating yourself to some Babi Panggang Karo (Karo roasted pork) while in Medan is imperative if you’re a roasted pork enthusiast. Don’t be overwhelmed by the substantial number of places specialising in this flavoursome treat, though, as only BPK Daud Sitepu can provide you with the finest Babi Panggang Karo in town.

Established in 1968, its moniker was derived from its founder Daud Sitepu’s name. It has two outlets running at the moment–in Medan and Sibolga–and both are managed by Mr. Daud’s daughters.

I paid a visit to its branch on Jalan Jamin Ginting, which is supervised by Ibu Shella. Following her father’s recipe, the joint serves authentic Babi Panggang Karo made with pig innards and blood. It may sound nerve-wracking, but trust me when I say it’s not as ghastly as you would expect it to be.

The place was packed when I got there during lunchtime. No air-conditioners are installed inside, but it was fairly airy and cosy when I was on-site. After a two-minute wait, I finally secured a table and immediately ordered a portion of its Babi Panggang Karo and Kidu Kidu (sausages made from pig innards, carrot, and scallion).

As I waited, I noticed that most of the customers were eating with their bare hands. As soon as my food arrived, I followed suit. I’m still not sure whether it was because the way that I ate or BPK Daud Sitepu’s recipe, but I enjoyed every bite of both dishes.

The Babi Panggang Karo was juicy and flavourful, served with a dollop of sambal made out of pig blood and andaliman (Sichuan pepper) that presented a refreshing aftertaste. Accompanied by a heavenly smoky aroma that could entice hunger even from the fullest of bellies, the Kidu Kidu came in small yet delectable slices.

With a decent interior and guaranteed delicious meal, BPK Daud Sitepu is the perfect place to kick off your pork-eating crusade in the capital city of North Sumatra.

Jl. Jamin Ginting No. 76,
Merdeka, Medan
North Sumatra
Open daily from 10am-4.30pm
Rp.40,000/US$3 per person

Started her career as a food writer in 2012, Jessicha Valentina is the online editor of Good Indonesian Food. Jessicha has loved Sayur Asem since she was a wee kid and spends her free time trying to cook it.


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