Medan: RM Bintang

RM Bintang is no spring chicken of a restaurant. The Peranakan joint first opened its doors in the 1970s and currently has two outlets running in Medan.

I paid a visit to its shop on Jalan Taruma and at first glance, I was quite impressed by its well-kept and clean interior. After sitting myself down, I ordered for its signature Tim Ikan Bawal (steamed white pomfret).

Whilst waiting, a quick look around led to me finding out that RM Bintang also offers its own brand of mixed rice–similar to its Padang counterpart but with a touch of Chinese cuisine. A sense of intrigue began to gush through me. However, before I had the opportunity to make the mistake of eating beyond my stomach’s capacity, the waitress came over with my Tim Ikan Bawal. I could instantly smell its heavenly aroma, which made me forget about the mixed rice.

Placed on a brown glass plate that reminded me of my grandmother’s dinner set, I knew there and then that it was set to be a trip down memory lane. The fresh fish tasted sweet, which combined well with the salty tauco (fermented yellow soybean paste)–exactly how my grandmother would usually make it. The tauco was a bit light in texture compared to those that I’ve tried before though.

Upon paying, I was informed that RM Bintang concocts its own tauco based on the founder’s recipe, and the same goes for the other dishes in its arsenal.

Jl. Taruma No. 15 B,
Medan, North Sumatra
T: 061 451 7712/452 1828
Monday from 12pm-4pm, Tuesday-Sunday from 12pm-9pm
Rp.100,000/US$7.50 per portion

A die-hard fan of authentic Indonesian delights who loves the idea of travelling to the cradle of those enticing local treats. Yet, you might often find this young lad busy with his guitar – be it alone in his room or, sometimes, on stage.


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