Bandung: Nasi Bancakan

Indonesia’s cultural diversity has provided us with benefits aplenty, including a wide array of mouth-watering delicacies that differ from one city to another. Despite its relatively close distance, both Jakarta and Bandung offer distinct local treats that vary from those sold at a roadside warung to a fancy restaurant. And often times, folks from the capital city would make the three-hour journey by car to the City of Flowers just to sample its culinary delights.

One place that has become a favourite of Jakartans is Nasi Bancakan, which dishes out a vast selection of Sundanese dishes at affordable prices. Its level of popularity is so much so that I once came in on a Saturday only to be stuck in line for an hour at the self-service food counter. As I have learnt my lesson, this time around I went on a weekday instead.

I have to say that the Nasi Liwet (rice with coconut milk, chicken, and egg) here is simply one of the best in town. I ordered said dish along with a portion of fried marinated cow’s intestine, perkedel jagung (corn fritter), cassava leaves, and some sambal dadak (freshly made sambal). All served on an aluminium plate, the savoury cow’s intestine is tender in texture with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Indonesian Foodnasi bancakan

To wrap up my meal, I chose the classic Garut and Bandung pound cake that is Kue Balok. They have three flavours on offer here: original, chocolate, and cheese. I went for the latter two. Baked using a charcoal-based stove, it would take about five to ten minutes for it to be ready. It has a dense yet delicate texture that is buttery in taste.

Jl.Trunojoyo, No. 62,
T: 022 420 3650
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Price: Rp.30,000/US$2.20 per person

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