Padang: Es Cendol Berkat Yakin

Padang: Es Cendol Berkat Yakin

As I was strolling through Padang whilst trying to survive in its intensely hot weather, I chanced upon a shop called Es Cendol Berkat Yakin. It specialises in Es Cendol (rice flour jelly drink), which was perfect to alleviate my dehydration. Since I had time on my hands, I gave it a go.

As it is located on Jalan Pattimura, the locals have taken to calling it Es Cendol Pattimura. However, during the early days, it went about its daily business from a pushcart decked by the roadside. Success came, though, and the owner managed to rent the spot where it is now situated at.

With a capacity of around 50 customers, the shop was quite packed when I came in at around 2pm. Some were enjoying Es Cendol, while others were tucking into Soto Padang (Padang beef soup). It is worth knowing that besides its signature dessert, the joint also offers hearty savoury dishes as well, such as the aforementioned Soto Padang, Mie Ayam (chicken noodles), and Bakso (meatball soup).

With my throat close to drying up from thirst, I ignored all the other items it had on its menu and immediately ordered its Es Cendol. Served in a glass, it consists of black sago starch jelly, rice flour jelly, shaved ice, coconut milk and palm sugar. The latter stood out among the rest, with its zesty flavour perking up the whole concoction, resulting in a refreshingly bittersweet sensation.

Jl. Patimura,
T: 0813 7429 9900
Rp.9,000/US$0.70 per glass

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