Padang: Nasi Kapau Uni Cah

Bukittinggi is known as the home of Nasi Kapau – the city’s very own brand of mixed rice – and one famous hotspot to indulge in this local delicacy is the hectic Los Lambuang in Pasar Wisata. If you’d rather be enjoying your Nasi Kapau in a more peaceful and comfortable setting, then Nasi Kapau Uni Cah is where you should be heading to. Located on Jalan Padang Luar before the entrance to Bukittinggi, it offers a relatively capacious space along with a decent set-up.

Having been established since 1981, the place tends to be packed with local regulars and tourists on almost a daily basis. It still adopts the traditional way of serving Nasi Kapau, despite its modern setting. The dishes are stacked at the counter and customers have to queue before selecting their choices, which are then placed on their plate by the server.

nasi kapau uni cah nasi kapau uni cah

I took the opportunity to sample its renowned Tambusu (cow’s intestine filled with scrambled egg in coconut milk), which presents a tasty mix of the chewy intestine and its delicate filling. Its tender chicken Rendang is also worth a taste, with its dense coconut milk mixture seasoned to perfection.

My local driver informed me afterwards that what sets Nasi Kapau apart from your common Nasi Padang (Padang mixed rice) is its use of flocculent rice. The side dishes are cooked with less the amount of oil than usual as well, which is a fact that only locals can detect from the get-go.

Jl. Padang Luar KM 4,
T: 0752 628 700
Open daily from 9am-9pm
Rp.60,000/US$4.50 per person

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