Padang: Pondok Baselo Lubuk Idai

Padang: Pondok Baselo Lubuk Idai

I urgently needed to take a break from all the coconut milk-based dishes that I ate during my quick sojourn in Padang. Luckily, my local driver introduced me to a joint called Pondok Baselo Lubuk Idai, which specialises in grilled chicken and fish. He said that most of the menu items there were spicy – exactly my kind of food. Without a moment’s delay, I insisted that he drove me there right away.

Housed in a capacious place on Jalan Khatib Sulaiman, the eatery is capable of housing more than a hundred people. Surrounded by several office buildings has led to this joint seeing a large number of office workers overcrowding the restaurant during lunchtime. Fortunately, it was already 3pm when I popped by. Only a couple of customers were dining inside, and when the waiter came over, I ordered both its grilled chicken and fish.

Besides the two dishes, there were a number of plates stacked right in front of me, filled with delicacies such as Sayur Urap (long beans with grated coconut), Sayur Pakis (fern leaves in coconut milk), Daun Singkong Gulai (cassava leaves in coconut milk), boiled cassava leaves, Terong Balado (eggplant with sambal) and a couple of different sambal. The grilled fish uses parrot fish, and it was well cooked. The flaky texture of the fish combined brilliantly with the spicy seasoning. The grilled chicken, though, tasted too familiar to those that are touted by its counterparts, even the ones in Jakarta. The sambal, however, was to die for.

Jl. Khatib Ibrahim No. 81,
T: 0751 705 3099
Open daily from 10am-9pm
Rp.60,000/US$4.50 per person

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