Padang: Sate Itjap

In this era of modern culinary, it pleases me no end to see a thriving joint that came from humble beginnings – even more so when its food can walk the walk. This applies to Sate Itjap, a long-standing shop that has been around for 50 years and serves one of the best Beef Satay in town.

Founder Pak Itjap began his satay journey by selling beef skewers using a wooden pushcart around Padang. It is now run by his son Pak Jas, who has guided the business successfully to the point that it now has five outlets in total.

Finding the place on Jalan Rasuna Said proved not to be too difficult, especially with a big yellow hoarding hanging in front of it. It was 4pm – just half-an-hour after it opened its doors – and there were just several customers inside.

Pak Jas was at the counter. He welcomed me with open arms and then took my order of Beef Satay. “We also have cow’s intestine and tongue to mix with your beef satay if you want,” he says. After giving it a quick thought, I politely refused as I feared that my tummy will not be able to hold them all in. A minute later, my satay was on my table.

It looks a lot like your normal Sate Padang, with a considerable amount of fried shallots thrown into the concoction. Its coconut milk-based gravy was dense and creamy in texture, yet a little too sweet for my taste buds. The beef came in quite sizable cuts, were well cooked, and tender on the inside – the perfect combination.

Jl. Rasuna Said,
Open daily from 3.30pm-1am
Rp.20,000/US$1.50 per person



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