Padang: Sate Pondok Danguang-Danguang

Padang: Sate Pondok Danguang-Danguang

It’s definitely a fact that most Indonesians have a thing for Padang food, including yours truly. So to be handed the opportunity to go over the city with a fine-tooth comb in the search for well-established joints excited me a great deal. Having indulged myself with the likes of Sate Ajo Ramon and Soto Padang HM Mangkuto right here in Jakarta, I was more than prepared for the trip. However, it turns out that some of my initial findings were a bit of a let-down.

The disappointment didn’t linger for too long, though, as my visit to Sate Pondok Danguang Danguang contradicted my earlier discoveries. Serving authentic satay from Payakumbuh, the shop was founded by one Jhony Hendri AB in 1995 and offers four different satays: beef, cow’s tongue, cow’s intestines, and beef heart.

sate pondol danguang danguangsate pondol danguang danguang

I sampled its beef satay, and akin to your run-of-the-mill Sate Padang, it is topped with dense brownish gravy. Well grilled and tender in texture, its gravy is delightful; featuring a slightly peppery trace that elevates the overall flavour of the dish.

A fortunate coincidence gave me the chance to speak to Aris, who is the founder’s son. He informed me that his family only have the one shop in Padang. “If you stumble upon a shop with a similar name, then it’s not ours. My father laid the foundations of the business from scratch in 1995 by opening a simple roadside stall not far from here. We only moved to this permanent place in 2010,” he explains.

Jl. Tepi Pasang,
T: 0751 23 915, 0813 6311 2600
Open daily from 5pm-12am
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

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