Padang: Warung Kopi NanYo

Padang: Warung Kopi NanYo

With its historical value and its inclusion on a list of must-visit places drawn up by Dinas Pariwisata Sumatra Barat (West Sumatra Tourism Board), Warung Kopi NanYo is the only coffee shop that you should be paying attention if you’re in Padang.

The founder’s grandson, Victor, explained to me that the joint is the oldest in town. “My granddad started it in 1932, and we’ve only had to apply very little touch-ups to maintain the building and its interior,” he says.

Besides the light bites at the counter, some heavy meals are also served here, including Mie Ayam (chicken noodles) and Kwetiau Goreng (stir-fried flat rice noodles). Things can get pretty hectic if you come here in the morning, and I still encountered a large number of customers when I got here at 2pm.

warung kopi nanyokopi nanyo

With the weather outside scorching, I opted to order a refreshing glass of Es Kopi Susu (iced coffee with milk). It took less than five minutes to be prepared, and once it was delivered, I could immediately smell the pleasant Sidakalang–renowned coffee beans from West Sumatra–aroma. A lovely bittersweet flavour flooded my palate after a single sip, which was the result of the coffee beans and the condensed milk.

Victor then persuaded me to try out the Teh Talua. A traditional drink made from milk tea and raw egg, I was very hesitant at first upon knowing its ingredients. But since I was in Padang, I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a hint of pungency from the raw egg, which I assumed was due to the few drops of lime added into the mix. It also has a denser consistency compared to your normal milk tea.

For your information, Warung Kopi NanYo also has a branch on Jalan Pondok known as Warung Kopi NanYo Baru. The word on the street is they serve a superior iced coffee and Mie Goreng.

Jl. Niaga No. 205,
Padang, West Sumatra
Open daily from 6am-4pm
Rp.23,000/US$1.70 per person

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