Palembang: Kwetiau Sapi Ali

In my book, satisfaction means getting my tummy and taste buds a good pampering via a delectable treat – and it should also be spicy as well. The Kwetiau Goreng Sapi (fried flat noodles with beef) at Kwetiau Sapi Ali in Palembang certainly fits my requirements to gratify one’s self.

Having been around for about 21 years, Kwetiau Sapi Ali specialises in Jambi delicacies, with its signature dish being the aforementioned Kwetiau Goreng Sapi. When I arrived, a few people were standing in front of the counter awaiting their takeaways, while the rest were digging into a plate of fried kwetiau. Once I settled myself down, I immediately placed an order for its trademark treat.

At first glance, its Kwetiau Goreng Sapi possesses an appearance that is rather similar to its equivalents. A bite, however, will reveal that its flat noodles feature a relatively thicker texture, lending a much chewier feel to the proceedings.

Consisting of flat noodles, beef slices, shrimps, kekian (wheat cake), bean sprouts and Chinese mustard greens, the mixture was well-seasoned and the vegetables were perfectly cooked – giving off a fresh and brittle taste to the dish.

For spicy food enthusiasts, you wouldn’t want to miss the sambal here. It’s fantastically hot and gave even further oomph to the experience.

I managed to ask the shop’s owner a couple of questions regarding his business prior to making my leave. He enlightened me on the evolution of Kwetiau Sapi Ali, which started out in the form of a stall for a few years before relocating to its current location in 2008.

Jl. Bangau, Ilir Timur II,
T: 0821 7833 5007
Open daily from 4pm-10.30pm, except on the Monday of every third week of the month
Rp.38,000/US$2.90 per person

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