Palembang: Mie Celor 26 Ilir HM Syafei Z

Palembang: Mie Celor 26 Ilir HM Syafei Z

The preferred breakfast meal for the kind folks of Palembang, shops specialising in Mie Celor (creamy noodle soup with boiled egg) tend to be open quite early in the morning to cater to early risers looking to get their fix of this local delicacy. Among them all, though, Mie Celor 26 Ilir HM Syafei Z reigns supreme. Established by namesake HM Syafei Z in the 1950s, he now has two outlets operating in the city.

Now, its chaotic surrounding and the lack of a proper parking lot make visiting this place a real pain. And then there’s the traffic congestion and the overcrowding at the joint. It was 8.30am when I got there, and only a couple of vacant tables at one corner of the shop were all that’s left.

Customers won’t have much of an option here apart from Mie Celor, so I went and ordered myself a portion. Service was quick, as it took only about a minute before my food was delivered to my table. Its serving was generous – a tad too much for breakfast, if I may be so frank. Thick and creamy in texture, a plate of Mie Celor consists of noodles, bean sprouts, slices of leek, boiled egg, and a dense coconut milk-based broth. The combination between the chewy noodles and the savoury creamy soup is simply sensational, with the added fried shrimp in the soup adding a rich flavour to the proceedings.

Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 2,
Open daily from 6.30am-7pm
Rp.22,000/US$1.60 per person

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