Palembang: Pempek Saga Sudi Mampir

I once paid a fleeting visit to Pempek Saga Sudi Mampir when I attended a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago here in Palembang. This time, however, I popped by in a professional capacity and gave its selection of Pempek (fishcake) the once-over.

Located on Jalan Merdeka opposite the mayor’s office, it is housed in a relatively capacious shop that could hold up to a 100 customers. A pair of concrete tables is set on its porch, alongside several round ones, while a number of long tables can be found inside.

I ordered the exact same Pempek that I had the first time around – Pempek Lenggang (egg-layered grilled fishcake). My first bite revealed the same delicious flavour that I remembered. My most favourite part is where the egg meets the chewy fishcake, which tastes like heaven on my taste buds. The Cuko (spicy vinegar) provided a refreshing complement to the dish, elevating its overall taste up a notch.

Before I made my leave, I managed to confabulate with the staff member who was manning the cashier. He informed that the business was founded 55 years ago, although in a much smaller place before it relocated to its current position in 2006. Now one of the most popular Pempek joints in town, it currently has two outlets running in Palembang.

Jl. Merdeka No. 8 (across Kantor Walikota),
T: 0711 314 417
Open daily from 11am-10pm
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

A die-hard fan of authentic Indonesian delights who loves the idea of travelling to the cradle of those enticing local treats. Yet, you might often find this young lad busy with his guitar – be it alone in his room or, sometimes, on stage.


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