Palembang: RM Pindang Musi Rawas

Palembang: RM Pindang Musi Rawas

It all began 35 years ago for RM Pindang Musi Rawas. Founder Tjek Asan had hit a dead end with his previous business, and whilst sitting inside his small home in the area of Kamboja in Palembang, he had a light-bulb moment and decided to start selling Pindang Patin (sweet and sour catfish soup). Little did he know that his spontaneous venture would end up becoming such a huge success. Today, the eatery is recognised by many as THE place to revel in Pindang Patin.

Now run by the founder’s son, RM Pindang Musi Rawas tends to get crowded during lunch hours. It’s highly recommended that prospective customers show up after 2pm to enjoy a more peaceful meal, which is exactly what I did for my recent visit.

rumah makan pindang musi rawas rumah makan pindang musi rawas

However, a gaggle of punters were still present inside when I got there. I then opted to sit outside instead. After reading through the menu, I ordered its signature dish followed by a Brengkes Tempoyak Patin (banana leaf-wrapped steamed catfish in fermented durian gravy).

I had expected the latter to be a very sweet concoction, but I was proven wrong. Although still slightly sugary, the creamy durian gravy was able to complement the savoury steamed catfish to a T. The Pindang Patin was zesty – courtesy of the kaffir lime leaves and garden-fresh celery – and featured a peppery trace that gave the overall freshness of the dish a boost.

Jl. Angkatan 45, No. 18,
T: 0711 370 590
Open daily from 9am-9pm
Rp.60,000/US$4.50 per person

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