Solo: Es Krim Tentrem

While I was in Solo a few months ago, I came across an ice cream joint called Es Krim Tentrem on Jalan Brigjen Slamet Riyadi. Housed in a modern two-storey building, its second floor serves as a coffee shop while its ground floor is where the ice cream magic happens.

Established in 1952, Es Krim Tentrem has earned its place in the hearts of ice cream enthusiasts in Solo for decades. A crowd of customers were tucking into their respective ice creams when I got there, despite the downpour outside. With no clue of what to order, I was recommended the Autumn Delight and the Jamaica by one of the waiters.

As it turned out, Autumn Delight is a mix of vanilla and Kopyor (naturally defect coconut) flavoured ice creams with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. It was sweet, but just enough to not make my throat sore afterwards, while it owes its rich texture to the Kopyor. The Jamaica, on the other hand, comprises a scoop of chocolate-flavoured ice cream with a dollop of whipped cream and a cut of cherry. It delivers a slightly bitter aftertaste, which I personally believe reflects a good chocolate ice cream.

Upon paying at the cashier, I was told that they actually offer an ice cream called Terang Bulan, which is normally pre-ordered for functions or gatherings and is the original iconic concoction of Es Krim Tentrem during the early years of its formation. Unfortunately, it could only be obtained from its flagship shop on Jalan Urip Sumohardjo, where it only handles orders in bulk and pre-orders for the legendary Terang Bulan. On another note, you could also find a small Es Krim Tentrem stall at Pusat Grosir Solo that offers a few flavours that could only be served with an ice cream cone.

Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 132,
T: 0271 789 0425
Open daily from 10am-9pm
Price: Rp.20,000/US$1.50 per person

A die-hard fan of authentic Indonesian delights who loves the idea of travelling to the cradle of those enticing local treats. Yet, you might often find this young lad busy with his guitar – be it alone in his room or, sometimes, on stage.


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