Solo: Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran

Oh how we Indonesians love our mutton satay. I have made culinary hunts to several cities across the archipelago now, and what they all have in common is a shared love of Sate Kambing (mutton satay). Whilst in Solo, I managed to pay a visit to the legendary Sate Kambing Tambak Segaran, which specialises in Sate Kambing and is renowned for its Sate Buntel (grilled minced mutton wrapped in lamb fat). The latter has been one of the most sought-after dishes not just in Solo but also in Yogyakarta – due to the fact that there are a couple of the establishment’s outlets in the city.

Having begun its foray in the culinary world in 1948, the eatery is located on Jalan Sutan Syahrir in the heart of Solo. When I arrived, I saw a handful of customers occupied with their meal. After settling myself down, I asked for its signature Sate Buntel, which took ages to be ready despite the lack of orders at the time. After more than ten minutes, my food was finally prepared.

Unlike your common satay, Sate Buntel are served on a plate without being skewered. The meat was tender, with the fat wrapped around them lending a juicy and chewy texture to the overall texture. Despite being a tad too oily, I still find it very enjoyable.

The word on the street is that the joints in Yogyakarta offer a better tasting Sate Buntel compared to their counterparts. Perhaps I should give it a go the next time I’m in town.

Jl.Sutan Syahrir No. 149,
Solo, Central Java
T: 0852 9341 8580
Open daily from 12pm to 10pm
Price: Rp.50,000/US$3.70 per person

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