Top Five Classic Ice-Cream Parlours

Top Five Classic Ice-Cream Parlours

When the summer rears its hot ugly head, there’s no better time to be enjoying a refreshing scoop of ice-cream. Fortunately, it feels like it’s always summer here in Indonesia, so it’s pretty much acceptable to indulge yourself with your favourite ice cream all year long. Although it must be said that ice-cream is not exactly a traditional Indonesian dessert, we’ve made it ours; and there are plenty of ice cream parlours around to prove it. Here are the five best ice-cream places you could ever find across the archipelago.

Bandung: Sumber Hidangan

sumber hidangan

This joint was established in 1929 and you can tell from its interior design that appears as though it was pulled straight out of a history textbook depicting the Dutch colonial days. Its signature treat is called Sumber Hidangan Special, which consists of three scoops of ice-cream topped with tropical fruits.

Jl. Braga No. 20-22,
Bandung, West Java
T: 022 423 6638

Semarang: Toko Oen

Another to look as historical as its age, Toko Oen was founded way back in 1910 and stepping inside this restaurant feels like a blast from the colonial-era past with its vintage decor and elegant furniture. Its time-honoured recipes that were crafted by its founder are still utilised to this day, and even more impressive are the three working antique ice-cream makers that they use to concoct their sweet cold treats.

Jl. Pemuda No. 52
Semarang, Central Java
T: 024 354 1683

Surabaya: Zangrandi Ice Cream


First established by Italian native Roberto Zangrandi, the business was later taken over by Adi Tanumulia. He would then add three new flavours to the menu: raspberry, coconut, and durian. Anyone who’s ever been to Surabaya would be familiar with its sweltering climate, so a visit to Zangrandi Ice Cream is the best way to cool things down a notch.

Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 15
Surabaya, East Java
T: 031 534 5820

Jabodetabek: Ragusa Es Italia

Jabodetabek-classic-ragusa es italia

Italians sure know their ice-cream, and it shows with Ragusa Es Italia. In 2012, the place was formally acknowledged as the oldest ice-cream parlour in the whole of Indonesia, and like fine wine, its ice creams have gotten better with age. Its menu has expanded over centuries to contain a medley of unique flavours, including chocolate and spaghetti. There are two Ragusa outlets in town–on Jalan Veteran and in Duta Merlin. If you wish to avoid a long endless queue, head over to the latter.

Jl. Veteran I, No. 10
Central Jakarta
T: 021 384 9123

Solo: Es Krim Tentrem

es krim tentrem

Hailed as one of Solo’s most favourite ice-cream joints since 1952, Es Krim Tentrem may be the youngest on this list but it still has been in business for more than sixty years and its ice creams pack a delightful punch. A wide range of flavours are on offer here, but its most significant menu item is Terang Bulan, which can only be pre-ordered in bulk or for special occasions.

Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 132,
Solo, Central Java
T: 0271 789 0425

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