Top Ten Eateries in Padang and Bukittinggi

Top Ten Eateries in Padang and Bukittinggi

Padang and Bukittinggi are recognised as culinary utopias in West Sumatra. Both homes to a plethora of delicious authentic local dishes including the world-famous Beef Rendang, here is a selection of shops that you must visit if you find yourself in the area.

Rumah Makan Pagi Sore

rumah makan pagi sore
The extraordinary taste of its Beef Rendang is the main reason why this eatery sits on the top of our list.

Jl. Pondok No. 143,
T: 0751 32490
Open daily from 9am-9pm

Bika Talago

bika talago
Although it’s sited neither in Padang nor Bukittinggi, its luscious Bika (rice flour and grated coconut-based cake) is worth your time and effort. You will pass by this shop in Padang Panjang if you’re driving from Padang to Bukittingi.

Jl. Sutan Syahrir, Koto Baru,
Padang Panjang
Open daily from 7am-7pm

Warung Kopi NanYo

warung kopi nanyo
Established in 1932, this is the oldest coffee shop in Padang. A lovely spot to enjoy a cup of the aromatic Sidikalang coffee or Teh Taluah (milk tea mixed with raw egg).

Jl. Niaga No. 205,
Open daily from 6am-4pm

Nasi Kapau Ni Er

nasi kapau uni er
You must sample Nasi Kapau (mixed rice) when you’re in Bukittinggi, and the best place to do so is at Nasi Kapau Ni Er in Los Lambuang.

Los Lambuang, Pasar Ateh
Open daily from 6am-4pm

Kopmil Om Ping

kopmil om ping
Kopmil Om Ping is the place to hang out in the evening while in Padang. Open until 2am, its speciality is the popular Es Kopi Milo (iced coffee with Milo)

Jl. Kelenteng No. 305,
Open daily from 9am-2am (closes at 4am on Saturday)



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