Yogyakarta: Gudeg Yu Jum

“Comprising rice, Gudeg, Krecek (cow’s skin), Ati Ampela, and Telur Pindang, the assortment tasted sweet in general – typical of a Javanese dish.

Widely known as one of the country’s best cultural heritage sites, Yogyakarta is home to a plethora of traditional Javanese art forms, ranging from batik and traditional dances towayang kulit. Add to that its genial denizens and bountifully diverse culinary scene, and you’ve got more than a handful of reasons why you should be visiting Yogyakarta on your next holiday. For the latter, it is compulsory for a self-respecting foodie to give the iconic gudeg (jackfruit-based dish) here a try.

Out of the myriad of Gudeg-offering eateries in town, one that should be the first joint on your list is Gudeg Yu Jum. Established back in 1950, the popularity of its Gudeg has reached even outside of Yogyakarta, with one of my mates in Jakarta being one of its many devoted admirers.

I set aside a couple of hours of my time during a recent trip to the region to make a quick stop at its flagship shop on Jalan Kaliurang near Universitas Gadjah Mada. Only a lone customer was present inside when I arrived, yet the staff were occupied with preparing packs of Gudeg for delivery at the counter. Many variants of the Gudeg abound here on its menu. I went with the Ati Ampela (chicken liver and gizzard) and Telur Pindang (herbed boiled egg) set for my first Gudeg Yu Jum experience.

Comprising rice, Gudeg, Krecek (cow’s skin), Ati Ampela, and Telur Pindang, the assortment tasted sweet in general – typical of a Javanese dish – yet a trace of spiciness can be savoured from the Krecek, which provided the perfect counterweight to the sweetness of the proceedings. The two pieces of bird’s eye chilli served on the side injected further zest to the overall affair. Before I tucked in, I took a picture of the complete set and sent it to my Gudeg-loving pal just to make him green with envy.

Karangasem Mbarek CT III/2,
Jl. Kaliurang KM 4.5,
T: 0274 515 968
Open daily from 5am-7pm
Rp.25,000/US$1.80 per person

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