Yogyakarta: Warung Bu Ageng

Ever since the film “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2” came out, many of the settings in Yogyakarta from the movie have become a destination for tourists. Among them is Warung Bu Ageng on Jalan Tirtodipuran in Mantrijeron.

With the restaurant’s sign hidden behind trees, it could be easy to miss while driving on Jalan Tirtodipuran. The interior of the joint is also obscured by its parking lot. Once you step foot inside, though, its homely Javanese ambience will welcome you with its wooden chairs and tables along with pencil drawings of famous names pasted on its wall.

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Established in December 2011, Warung Bu Ageng serves a fusion between the cuisines of Kutai and Java. Bu Ageng is actually a nickname for Hajjah Rulyani Ishifana, who happens to be the wife of celebrated artist Butet Kartaredjasa. From its website warungbuageng.com, it’s said that Bu Ageng doesn’t wish for her eatery to become a franchise despite increasing demands. “What we offer here are home-cooked food, and their methods of preparation often involves instinct and emotions. There is no exact formula to pestle sambal, hence why we find it difficult when a party ask us to open a franchise to Warung Bu Ageng.”

warung bu ageng warung bu ageng

While reading through the menu, my eyes were transfixed by the menu entry “Eyem Penggeng”, which sounds like a mispronunciation to Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken). Turns out its unusual name originated from how the seller pronounces it. Although it’s basically grilled chicken, it offers something different in the form of the seasonings on top that are used to boil the chicken prior to the grilling process, which is made from a mixture of coconut milk. Its savoury flavour oozes through its insides, where one can find its juicy meat. Add some raw sambal into the mix and your dining experience will be enhanced even further.

I ordered a portion of its Paru Masak Ketumbar (cow’s lung in coriander) to accompany the grilled chicken. Unassuming in terms of appearance – just a piece of cow’s lung that has been chopped to small pieces and fried – its coriander seasoning packs a punch and adds more flavour to the cow’s lung. It’s not too chewy yet not too stiff – the perfect complement to a scoop of steamed rice.

Jl. Tirtodipuran, No. 13, Mantrijeron,
T: 0274 387 191/0812 2950 8183
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am-11pm
Rp.50,000/US$3.73 per person


  1. ray thomas

    6 January

    this was by far the worst meal that i have eaten in my whole life,
    I ordered lamb, which came in a small bowl accompanied by a large bowl of rice, no sauce, the Lamb was chewy and tasteless ,If i could give this place a star it would be 0. they serve no alcohol, te waiter offered to go across the road and for $6.00 he would get me a beer, i went my self and got the beer for $2.00.
    across the road is the French restaurant Mediterania which is excellent .5*

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