Makassar: Nasi Kuning Riburane

A number of regions in Indonesia offer their own versions of the much-loved Nasi Kuning (yellow mixed rice), differentiated by flavour and composition. A visit to the city of Makassar led us to a number of renowned neighbourhood Nasi Kuning shops, with one of them being Nasi Kuning Riburane. According to the locals, the joint tend to finish up three large dandang (a copper vessel to steam rice) of Nasi Kuning on a daily basis.

Nasi Kuning Riburane is one of the most successful Nasi Kuning eatery in town. Founded in 1980, it used to be located within the vicinity of the RRI Makassar office area, whose employees used to form the bulk of the joint’s customer base. Its delicious menu saw the place gaining more followers and news of its Nasi Kuning spread like wildfire to the point where even visitors from out of town started to stop by and sample its signature dish.

nasi kuning riburane

With the increasing number of punters it was facing, the owner of Nasi Kuning Riburane opted to relocate to a more spacious venue. However, rather than opening a new place, the owner decided to work together with another shop and it now occupies the foremost part of said joint. Although it always opens at 5am, its closing time would vary depending on the amount of Nasi Kuning it has left. Normally, it would run out of Nasi Kuning by 12pm.

In the early morning, a long queue could be seen waiting for their chance to devour its Nasi Kuning. Composition-wise, the Nasi Kuning here has a lot going for it, which includes Empal (fried beef), Rendang Sapi (spicy beef simmered in coconut milk), Paru Goreng (fried lungs), Telur (egg), and Sayur Labu Siam (chayote cooked in coconut milk). The hefty price you would have to pay is understandable, considering the smorgasbord of side dishes accompanying its Nasi Kuning.

Both the Empal and Rendang Sapi are very tender in texture and delicious; the former offering a hint of sweetness in its taste akin to those you could find in Jakarta. The Nasi Kuning is impeccably cooked, lending a velvety touch that would caress one’s palate when devoured. And then there is the provided sambal that is simultaneously tasty and very spicy – the perfect appetite booster to help you in finishing off your Nasi Kuning.

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Jl. Riburane No. 11,
Open daily from 5am-12pm (will close earlier when out of supplies)
Rp.35,000/US$2.65 for a small portion
Rp.40,000/US$3 for a large portion

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