Snacking your way out of Semarang

Snacking your way out of Semarang

Light bites to complement your exquisite sightseeing

Travelling to new places brings a whole world of joy that will satiate the wanderlust in all of us. The rush that you get from visiting cultural and historical sites, lying down on a folding beach chair at a panoramic white sand beach, or hopping on a horse-drawn cart to enjoy the sights and sounds of a newly visited city can be revitalising and enriching at the same time. On a recent sojourn to Semarang, I found that simple nibbles could also do the trick. Here’s a short list of some of the best snacks that you could enjoy in Semarang.

Before I went to Semarang, my knowledge of lekker (crêpe) was only limited to the ones that I would usually find in Jakarta – a crunchy thin pancake-like treat with chocolate sprinkles. However, in Lekker Paimo – a local favourite that serves the best lekker in the capital city of Central Java – you can find a variety of flavours on its menu. I can guarantee that you once had a taste, you’ll be coming back for more.

editor's note-semarang-snacking your way away-lekker
Lekker Paimo
Jl. Karang Anyar,
Open from 10am-6pm

As one of the most iconic dishes in the culinary lexicon of Semarang, you can find scores of Loenpia (spring roll) shops and brands available in almost every corner of the city. If you’re at sea with which one to go for, I’d recommend either Loenpia Gang Lombok or Loenpia Mbak Lien in order to savour the crème de la crème of this authentic Semarang treat.

semarang-classic-loenpia mbak lien
Loenpia Gang Lombok
Jl. Gang Lombok No.11,
Semarang, Central Java
T: 0816 488 1194
Open daily from 8am-5pm

Loenpia Mbak Lien
Jl. Pemuda, Gang Grajen No. 1,
Semarang, Central Java
T: 024 358 0734
Open daily from 8am-5pm

Tahu Pong
For a taste of the finest Tahu Pong (fried tofu) in town, make your way to Tahu Pong Jalan Gajah Mada. It might taste a bit bland if you nosh it plain, but add a dab of plecing (sweet sauce) that is usually served on the side with the fried tofu and you’ll be surprised by how delicious some food can be.

semarang-heritage-tahu pong jalan gajah mada
Tahu Pong Jalan Gajah Mada
Jl. Gajah Mada No. 63B,
T: 024 355 6440
Open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-8pm

Wingko Babad
When it comes to Wingko Babad (pancake with grated coconut), you really can’t go wrong with Wingko Babad Cap Kereta Api. On top of being the pioneer of this dish in Semarang, its Wingko Babad is just extraordinary. For the record, this is my favourite bite in Semarang out of all.

semarang-heritage-wingko babad cap kereta api
Wingko Babad Cap Kereta Api
Jl. Cendrawasih No. 14,
T: 024 354 2064
Open daily from 7am-7pm

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